• Amber Zibritosky, Clerk of Courts

    Safer Communities

    • The Clerk's Office oversees crucial aspects of public safety assisting other agencies with temporary protection orders, arrest warrants, jail commitments, and FBI background checks.  
    • As a former Prosecutor with the largest caseload at the Court, Amber knows our Court's administration of justice can be a matter of life and death for some people.  For Amber, safety isn't just part of the Clerk's job; safety is the job!
    • Since taking office in 2019, Amber has improved service to our police by starting the Law Enforcement Training Series and swearing in dispatchers to be special deputy clerks.
    • Amber's dedication to public safety has led to her appointment on various boards including the Facilities Governing Board for Summit County and the Advisory Board for Oriana House.  Amber is also a former member of the Summit County Criminal Justice Advisory Board and a Past President of the Northeast Ohio Law Director's Association.

    Stronger Courts

    • Amber is the qualified choice for Clerk.  Amber has over a decade of experience working at the Stow Municipal Court, first as a Prosecutor, then as the Law Director and legal adviser to the Court, and now as our Clerk.  Amber is also the only candidate admitted to the Ohio Association of Municipal/ County Clerks of Courts.  
    • Amber consistently maintains a high average collection rate of over 80% of outstanding fines and costs.  Amber also only uses civil means to collect delinquent costs at no additional cost to taxpayers. 
    • In late 2020, Amber improved service to our residents by partnering with OhioLegalHelp.com to create and distribute legal information forms, glossaries, and step-by-step process maps to help self-represented litigants navigate the legal process with greater ease.  

    Fiscally Responsible Manager

    • Amber holds a certification in Lean Government Management from the University of Akron and has managed large, diverse teams in the public sector for nearly a decade. She is the only candidate with the experience and knowledge to do the job.
    • Since taking office, Amber has led with an eye toward fiscal responsibility.  Amber has been under budget every year and even voluntarily reduced the Clerk's expenditures by over 7%.
    • Amber's fiscal responsibility has helped our Court to be one of only four courts in Ohio to consistently fund its operations without spending a single dollar of taxpayer money, even throughout the pandemic.

    Integrity and Commitment

    • Amber has been a licensed attorney, in good standing, with a pristine reputation among her peers for over 10 years. Unlike some of her opponents, Amber has never been sanctioned for misconduct, accused of malpractice, or received any money or advertisements from indicted politicians, corporations, or dark money PACs.
    • Amber has a history of always standing up for what is right and speaking truth to power, even when it is personally hard or politically inconvenient to do so. We can count on Amber to uphold the integrity of our Court and put people over politics.
    • Our residents deserve elected officials who are willing to give the position their full time and attention. Amber is the only candidate that has publicly committed to working for the Court full-time and promised to not maintain a private law practice on the side.   

    Modern Technology

    • Amber is the only candidate experienced with sophisticated IT systems. Under Amber's leadership, the Stow Clerk's Office is one of just a few in Ohio to run a completely paperless civil division.
    • In 2021, Amber secured a technology grant from the Ohio Supreme Court and launched text-message notifications for court appearances and payment reminders, all at zero cost to the taxpayers.
    • Amber was the first Clerk in the Court's history to begin accepting electronic tickets from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, saving our officers and residents time and money. Amber is currently working to accept e-ticketing transmissions from other police agencies and plans to transition to a completely paperless traffic division within the next 5 years.